How it works is a simple and easy way to set up a professional, slick, and easy-to-read menu.


Here is how the QR Salon Menu Builder works:

Step 1:

Register on our website and create an account for your business.

Step 2:
Check your inbox for your login credentials and login into the dashboard.

Step 3:
Navigate to the salon page and add all your Salon information.

Step 4:
Now it's time to create your  Salon's Smart QR Menu. Go to the Menu page and start creating your menu by adding different categories and items to your Menu. Add in all your services that you offer with the price range.Also add in the images of your Product & Services.

Step 5:
Finally when your Menu is Ready. Just navigate to our QR Builder. Here you get an automatically generated QR code for your Salon's menu. Salonshark Provides unlimited Color and design choices to make your QR  visually appealing. Download the jpg file of the QR code.

Step 6:
Share the QR with your clients, where they can access your Salon's Menu online. Not only is the Menu accessible online but also they can Book Appointments remotely and pay for them accordingly.

Why Qr Menu Builder for salons?

✅ An easy option for mobile users: Having a Qr menu is a great way to stay connected to potential customers. They can use their devices to check out the menu of your salon. As they browse through the menu, they will learn more about you and make bookings with ease. It will help them plan on what services or products to get before heading over to your salon. You can also easily put in descriptions when needed.

✅ Save money by using QR codes. Very cost-effective. You can also put pictures of services on the Qr menu too for an amazing effect. And no Vistaprint or InDesign required so you can start your business right away with this very professional-looking Qr Menu Builder for salons.

✅ Update your Prices & Services whenever you want with a few simple clicks.

✅  The Qr Menu Look will help you create a style unique to you, which will set you apart from your competitors.

✅  All of the menus you create will be compatible with all kinds of Mobile/Desktop Devices.

✅ High-end look and feel: The Qr Menu Builder for salons has a fast and smooth user interface. It is classy, yet easy to read.

✅ Responsive customer support: You can always get help from our responsive team in case you face any problem with your Qr Menu Builder for salons.

Having Trouble creating the menu? Contact us to get your Salon Menu Made Now!


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